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Cryptoswap community project.

Cryptoswap, a community project that connects people through a decentralized network to help each other.

Cryptoswap on the ICO


Register your account with Cryptoswap and confirm your registered email address.


Log into your Cryptoswap account and link your ETH wallet address to your account.

Note: The ETH address must be a personal address. (Example: from myethwallet.com, or Trust Eth wallet App).


Use the registered ETH address to transfer ETH to the Smart contract.

Members can send from $200 to $50,000 USD.


Contribution Cycle


Donated amounts are automatically managed by the smart contracts.


The Smart contract, automatically divides your donation and interest then credits members every 12 days.


Maximum obtainable interest + principal is 300%, which is automatically deposited directly into your wallet.


Payment Policy

7% commission on the latest contribution by direct subordinates paid immediately.
Binary Bonus Plan

Binary bonus only calculated on the weak branch
Binary bonus only provided when you upgrade a level
In order to upgrade a level, your lower valued branch must meet the following conditions

Weak branch Strong branch Bonus
Level P1 $1,000 $2,000 3%
Level P2 $2,000 $4,000 4%
Level P3 $4,000 $8,000 5%
Level P4 $8,000 $16,000 6%
Level P5 $16,000 $32,000 7%
Level P6 $32,000 $64,000 8%
Level P7 $64,000 $128,000 9%
Level P8 $128,000 $256,000 10%
Swap milestone +$100,000 +$200,000 10%

Once you reach level 8, binary bonus is paid if you achieve the Swap Milestone: an additional $100,000.00 USD on your weaker branch and an additional $200,000.00 USD on your stronger branch.


What is tradeswap?

We are developing Tradeswap: a state-of-the-art blockchain-based trading network that will enable the trading of any financial asset in the world. Our bespoke software will allow individuals and institutions to trade directly with one another, creating a balanced playing field where players large and small trade as equals.Trades will be verified on the blockchain, meaning settlements can be completed in seconds, rather than days — changing trading forever.

Why tradeswap?

Instant settlement

With no processing time needed, transactions in Cryptoswap Token are redeemed in seconds.


Individual parties can work with a platform or broker of their choice.

Blockchain technology

Smart contracts are made verifiable and watertight by permanent and unchangeable recording on the blockchain.

Experienced team

A diverse management team that together brings decades of experience in financial services.

Connect fee

Instead of transaction charges, a Connect fee is charged and split between users and the network.

AI matching

Bespoke AI matching software means maximum flexibility.

Low cost

The decentralised protocol means that the usual broker’s fees won’t apply.

Digital personas

What is the SWAP Token?

SWAP is a token that is issued through the Cryptoswap smart contract commumity project (on the Ethereum ERC 20 platform). The SWAP Token allows members to trade on Cryptoswap's ecosystem.


The most technologically advanced and scalable platform.

Revolutionary blockchain technology

Decentralized, distributed, open source blockchain network with unrivaled network architecture.

Revolutionary, consensus-based algorithm

Combining several proven coding solutions, Cryptoswap Token is faster and more stable than other blockchain platforms.

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Proven security

Encryption and a modern signature algorithm that minimizes the possibility of fraud.


Parallel processing of transactions significantly increases the number of transactions processed per second.

Smart contracts

Comprehensive smart contracts

Advanced, Comprehensive Smart Contract Capabilities: Cryptoswap is the first absolutely autonomous blockchain platform. The Cryptoswap platform allows for the creation of independent, decentralized services due to a new smart contract tool.

Cycles and schedules

Smart contracts platform offers truly new features for independent services.

Advanced application programming interface (API)

Allows to connect from smart contracts to other outside systems.

Software development kit (SDK)

SDK provides advanced tools for developers and users.

Java virtual machine (JVM) language

More stable, more useful, and more flexible for high-load applications.


Future development plan of Cryptoswap.


See what the future will look like for Cryptoswap.

Martin Daniel
Martin Daniel - CFO
Working as computer programer but I began investing in e-commerce ventures because of the high returns, and i began purchasing e-commerce websites, which served as a good vehicle for tax mitigation. I recognized the importance of providing a bitcoin payment option for international clients and reaped the rewards of early cryptocurrency ownership.
Avery Hawkins
Avery Hawkins - CTO
Experienced Software Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in JavaScript, PHP, Databases, HTML, Computer Security. Strong engineering professional in Computer Science from lawrence Technological University
Jason Strickland
Jason Strickland - CEO
An experienced Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in B2B events and consumer marketing, I also possess direct experience in planning and implementing campaigns across the entire marketing mix. Highly Skilled in data management, analytics, creative briefs, social media and email marketing.
Savannah Guerra
Savannah Guerra - Advisor
Entrepreneur with extensive expertise in Finance , Management and Development. I am able to deliver financial and strategic solutions across the board.
Beatrice Crosby
Beatrice Crosby - Advisor
Experienced Marketing and business development professional specializing in Digital Marketing(SEO, Social Media, Display, Cryptocurrencies), Analytics and Technology. 10 + years ofexperience in Marketing & Advertising. Managed projects in a variety of verticals such as travel,retail, tech and more with a heavy focus on the markets.


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